Donnerstag, 30. März 2017

Short circuit

Today I had a serious job, 
getting the onboard electrics back in shape. 
Tracing cables, soldering, reconnecting, replacing fuses and final testing. 

But first some sun bathing 

This little bastard  took us a he'll of a time in Italy to get out of the control board. 
This time I decided to not go through the hassle of squishing the plug through the tiny tube. 
I came armed with a solder iron this time, haha! 

The results of a day's work: GPS, speed, depth, wind, radio, lights, cigarette lighter and we're almost ready to go. 

Getting sold celebration equipment. 


We were looking for a slot to get the Jojo moved into water but we didn't expect that they suddenly rush in on us. And we were told that we couldn't have our masts up for launching which apparently is not true. So now we try to get as much done as we can in the 2 hours left. 

Getting the lift in place wasn't easy as the boat next to ours is blocking the path. 

They tried different approaches to get it lifted. 

Pulling it out a bit first? 

Naa that didn't work. 

Quickly doing some last fittings while the yard workers are out for lunch.

Before she floats, she learns to fly

To the surprise of everyone involved she actually really floats :D

We should probably clean up the place a littel bit.

As we did not have enough time on land to get the masts up, we are doing it on water.

What a beauty :)

Enjoying the view

That's why you actually call them skyscrapers. 

Feeding the birds feels almost like Hitchcocks movie first there were like 3 birds....

This will probably be our first trip to test the Jojo and our boating skills. 

Pretending to be one of them we sneaked into the high society of the Royal Yacht Club to enjoy the view.

After trespassing 5 signs I was able to take a shot of the RHKYC from the outside. 

Dienstag, 28. März 2017

Zoo & last beam

Building a lever for the gearbox of the second engine. 
Fiddle around for an hour to put it in place. 
Conclude that it doesn't work as expected. 
Dump the idea and find another way to do it in 5 minutes. 

For a change we are visiting the zoo. 

Looks like they're friends. Sometimes a common interest brings together different minds. 

We notice sadly that these guys are still here. 

Fitting of the last beam, 
celebrating the successful fitting, 
take it apart again as we forgot to put in the lateral beams for the deck. 

Fitting and celebrating again. 

That's another beauty standing here on the Boatyard. 

DJI has its headquarters in our line of sight so I had to take a look. 

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

Had my lazy day today

What would you do with 1.000.000$US?
Buy a racing yacht of course. 
I've got the chance to visit the Zannekin this morning. 
Pretty impressive ocean racer made mostly of carbon fiber. 

This lady does 18 knots with ease. 
In harsh winds the mast is bend backwards with up to 18 tons. 
It takes a crew of 13 to race this boat. 
They can take down the sail from fully blown under deck in less than 5s and are planning to add a second winch to get the time down to 3s.

Little mole is my trustworthy companion for this trip. 

Lazy doesn't mean I did nothing, managed to connect the first engine to the controls in the cockpit. 

The second engine is still giving us a little headache for connecting the extensions as it's not the same build.

Came across a Lush shop, greetings to the ladies from the Lush shop Aachen :) 

Looking to improve my cabin I ended up at.... the smallest Ikea ever. 

Seems that Marius sounds to the Chinese as Sören does to us 😂

David did the epoxy finish and managed to put on a first coating of ptimer to the front beam. 

Where did this guy came from? 

Bedsheets and a proper blanket, it's getting cozy in there. 

This one's for Petie

There is a regatta coming up and more and more racing yachts are coming in for the event. 

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Home improvement

Today's job is to get back together the smaller pieces of the Jojo. 
The main structure is back in place except from the front beam which is still in the workshop but looks quite good already. 
We are lucky to have landed here to rebuild the boat. 
Everyone is very kind and helpful even that they have their own projects to work on. 

Bathing latter is back in place, can we leave now? 

Enjoy the view over to the other side of the bay from the Yacht clubs sun deck before getting back to work. 

Ok back to work. Gin Tonic, sun, hammock, why do I look so grumpy :D

The rotten beam gets back in shape thanks to the carpenter and his apprentice. 

Engines are up and running, that means we are almost ready to go. 

Now it really starts to look like a boat again. 

We got ourselves a fridge.... kind of... 

Two of these little guys are watching over us.