Dienstag, 4. April 2017

A sailor's patience

So what are we up to, didn't got the chance to write an update the last days. 
Our skipper is being late from another trip so our schedule is pushed back for several days. 
That's really annoying but that's how it is. 
We finished and tested the installation of the solar system. 
We get about 140W in plain sun, that's not perfect but quite ok for now. 
We went to do the paperwork to get the boat out of Hongkong. 
Cleaned up and redistributed all the stuff evenly amongst the hulls. 
Got charts for the South China Sea and the country flags required for the boat. 
Today we just layed in the sun and finally enjoyed our first day off since starting the project. 
Tomorrow morning we are moving the JOJO over to Discovery Bay. 
Dear Andy we met at the Boatyard here at the RHKYC has offered us his spot over there for a few days. 
That's a very welcome change after so many days with the same skyline. 

Safety gear is present and checked

Power plant is stowed under deck. The captain goes up in flames first as he is sleeping on top :D

We are right next to the Disney Resort, finally some calm

Just in case, we are somewhere between the top left and the lower right. 

Paperwork to leave the country. 

Did they copy our speculoos? 

The skyline of Causeway Bay

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