Samstag, 15. April 2017

Land in sight

After 4 days of blue water all around we finally can see the coastline of Bolinao at the horizon. We actually did it, after a skipper that skipped, an engine that broke, a leaking dinghy, water inside the boat, failing instruments and failing electricity we crossed the south China Sea.
From here we have 210 more miles to do along the shore down to Puerto Galera where the JOJO will stay for good.
But first we'll land for a Refuel at the little Harbour of Bolinao where the locals are already curious about the catamaran with the german flag and the two foreigners it washed up their shore.
After getting fresh beer, coke, ice for the fridge and fuel we take of to anchor not far in the next Bay to finally get a good night's sleep.
On our way the radio calls "SV JOJO, SV JOJO this is Philippina navy"
They just want to now where we came from and where we're heading to.
Seems to be standard procedure.
Arriving at the bay we didn't managed to drop the anchor yet as a fisherman approaches to sell some fish. Sadly our cooker is empty but that's no problem here, he quickly drives his banka home to return with the fish from the BBQ just for us in less than half an hour. Beat that Deliveroo.
After taking a refreshing bath, some cold beer and of course the meal we are off to rest as tomorrow we will start early to Subic.

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