Samstag, 1. April 2017

Power plant

Welcome to our little self sustain green energy project for the JOJO.
This post is quite technical and probably only interesting for geeks and nerds.
Sorry for that :) 

Yesterday we collected the 4 LiFePo4 cells from the warehouse. 
We were supposed to get Winston cells but got Calb cells instead. 

So these are the 4 Calb cells and their connectors.
They are supposed to be as good as the Winston ones. 

Don't forget that we are on water now and everything that falls through the deck is lost. 

Preparing the connectors for the battery management system.
The BMS will monitor every single cell and cut the circuit if any cell is over or under expected voltage range. 

All the sensor wires are connected and to the left you can see the shunt that is used for the battery monitor. 
To find a box big enough to hold all of it dry we went to Ikea again. 

Ikea, storing diy electronics since 1978. 
To the right is our BMS, in the middle you can spot the Victron charger and to the left the main relais and a 400 amps fuse in his box.
Next to my right toe are two flip switches used for emergency stop and reload cycle start. 

Let's fix all of this nicely into out Ikea box. 
Include some firewood in case we strand on an deserted island. 

You can spot to additional relais, these are the over and under voltage security relais that are triggered by the BMS in case of problems. 

And here it is, almost finished. 
200Ah in a box. This should be enough to maintain all electricity onboard for about 4 days without charging. 

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