Samstag, 15. April 2017


So we landed in Subic after anchoring in the dark at a little island a bit outside called Capones Island.
After trying to do immigration, customs and quarantine procedures we realize it's good Friday. So all the offices are closed till Monday.
That means we are stuck for now, that changes plans a little as I couldn't reschedule my flight I will have to leave the JOJO here. On top they announced a taifun incoming for Monday so that means that JOJO is actually staying a week more here in Subic as David as well has to get back to work.
It's a bit sad to leave the adventure so short before the end but that also gives me the chance to enjoy the beach, the food and the people for a few days.
Anyways that's what adventures are made of, the unpredictable incidents that force you to adapt and take decision that weren't planned.

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