Dienstag, 18. April 2017

On my way home

Sitting at the airport in Manila right now. I got message that JOJO safely arrived at its destination port in Puerto Galera. As always when heading home I am looking forward to see my people, my cats and find the comfort of my home again but on the other hand an urge to leave for the next destination rises not even sitting on the plane.
What a crazy trip that was, was it a pain at times? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely.
The little time I had wasn't enough to discover the full beauty of this country as the primary task was to get the boat to its destination so I most probably I'll have to come back.
But for now I have about 22 hours in front of me to get home. Fly Emirates again ;)

Thanks to David, Analyn for being my hosts, to Linda and Sarah for watching after my home and my cats, to Linda and Fabian to get me to and from the airport and to all of you who followed this little adventure from close and far.

I will update the blog with videos and pictures once I am back on a stable Internet connection.

Let's see where my feet take me next.

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