Samstag, 15. April 2017


Nothing left but water all around.
The weather is fine and the waves not too high.
Sadly we have no wind at all so we are off on engine.
Did 65nm on the first 25L of gasoline.
When we switched to the second engine it overheated after barely 10 minutes.
We are back to the first engine, hopefully it can take the hit of running constantly.
Second tank is empty, with a bit more waves we only did 50nm on this one.
On the second day the sky went completely clear and the water turned deep blue. We even put up sails and catched some wind.
While we are gliding over wave after wave some dolphins turned up to say hello and swim along for a while.
Except for some occasional freight ship the ocean is ours now.
After the third tank is gone we decided to give the engine a break and stay on sails for a while. Still doing 4kn without engine.
We definitely enjoy the calm only being pushed by the wind.
Sun going down at the horizon, it feels amazing and free.

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